by Hoops

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Words, acoustic guitar, and electronics by Hoops

Carl's Jr.:
Words and acoustic guitar by Hoops
Double bass by Pearl
Drums by Tiffany Boulanger

Saving Face:
Words and acoustic guitar by Austin Archer
Piano by Chris Bjornn
Vocals and production by Hoops

What is this an Example Of?:
Words and Electronics by Hoops
Harmonium by Nico

My Funny Valentine:
Words by Hart, Rodgers
Piano by Karim Kamar
Vocals by Hoops

Show Me the Way to that Old Oyster Bar:
Words by Hoops
Production by Neil A.

No Shelter for a Kitty Cat:
Words, electric guitar, and field recording by Hoops
electronics and oscillators by T.E.V.

On the Sleepy Side of Things:
Words and drum machine by Hoops
Guitar by Chris Bjornn
Bass by T.E.V.

Mastered by J. Boulay
Cover photo by Jeff Griffin


Hoops = Nick Drake + Pierre Schaeffer
Local avant-garde act Hoops brings something new and fresh to our local community with his musique concrète affinity. There’s not much of this music being produced anymore, let alone in our immediate surroundings, but Hoops keeps trekking on, and that alone should be commended. His latest release, Honeysuckles, continues this thread by presenting timbral anomalies with each track, but never steps too far outside of the realm of the experimental palette that he enjoys.

The opening track sets the tone for the rest of the album by presenting the theme that runs throughout the record. On this piece, Hoops narrates a story about children eating an old man’s honeysuckles. However, the running theme is how the story is assisted and magnified by his use of field recordings and electronic manipulation, while the more traditional instrument (acoustic guitar) simply serves to set the scene for the story that is unfolding. This “tone painting” technique is exhausted on “No Shelter for a Kitty Cat.” On this song, the use of manipulated field recordings and electronics is more brazen than in any other track on the album. The lo-fi rain and sirens samples are reminiscent of Edgard Varèse and Iannis Xenakis, but the vocal technique and the acoustic guitar ambiance are what set Hoops apart from these electronic music pioneers.

The final track on the album, “On the Sleepy Side of Things,” is the most obviously avant-garde work on this collection. The song begins with a lullaby-ish vocal melody, accompanied by an electric guitar, bass and electronic drumbeat. The song then ends with a minute of yawning and two minutes of snoring while the drumbeat continues on. This leads me to believe that a live Hoops show should be something to make an effort to attend in order to get a different musical experience that will surely verge on performance art. You can download Honeysuckles free of charge over at hoops23.bandcamp.com and continue to support our local avant-garde/experimental scene, which, due to lack of representation, could use some support from all of us. –Arcadio Rodriguez


released June 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Chthonic Records


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Track Name: Honeysuckles
The children loved the old man’s honeysuckles
So much that they would pick the purple flowers
To exhaustion
The old man would holler and shout at the children
While they sucked the honey of his purple flowers
Like it was the eternal milk of their mother’s kindness
And then off they’d run laughing with a flower in each
Of their pretty little mouths

Then one spring day the old man rose early
Took a big sack that lined his hamper and emptied it
Of yesterday’s clothes
And flung that sack up over his shoulder
And stepped out into the morning sun and started walking
With a determined look in his hoary eyes

Soon he came upon a stone that was very large
And he bent down to it and picked it up and
Put it in his sack
Then he found another and another and did the same with them:
He was going to build a stone wall to keep out the children
Who loved to and pick his purple flowers and put them
In their pretty little mouths

The morning sun rose high and it began to get hot
And the old man’s sack was getting fuller and fuller
Stone after stone
Until the sack began to break the old man’s back
Hunching over till his nose dragged along ground
He finally decided to go back home and empty
His heavy load

So he walked and he walked till he came to his mailbox
And said: I will begin to build the wall right here!
And he pointed to his toes
And then he flung that sack from off his tired back
And as soon as he did, he floated right up into the air
Like a weightless balloon
Track Name: Carl's Jr.
I walked with some friends to meet some girls at Carl's Jr.
We had to jump over a wall, I caught my foot on a piece of metal
It flipped me upside down, I hit my head on the pavement
I was lying there concussive with blood on my tee shirt
And my arm was badly broken so my friends they helped me up
and called my mom to pick me up

Then I stumbled to Carl's Jr to order up a soda
And when I ordered up that soda, I fainted on the floor
Then my mom walked through the door, took me to the hospital
Where I got all my stitches and my arm all casted up
Went home to get some rest and I tried to watch a movie
But I could not pay attention; it was really fucking boring
No, all I kept on thinkin' was I wanted to go back and get my cast signed
By the girls at Carl's Jr.
Track Name: What is this an Example Of?
"When I was younger I did not like soda water
But now that I am older, soda water is my favorite drink."

What is this an example of?
Track Name: Show Me the Way to that Old Oyster Bar
Well I took myself down to that old oyster bar
Said you got any mussels and Hollandaise sauce?
A side of French fries and a cold porter beer?
And the waitress she answered ‘I fear we do not’
So I stood there dismayed, I shook my poor head
Said when will my poor luck come to end?
And that waitress she told me not to distress
For if I wanted those things I needn’t look very far
In fact they were close, as close as right next door
Track Name: No Shelter for a Kitty Cat
It was just past yesterday
When I started to wake up
The sunlight was pouring in
The rays were soft and sweet
I thought that I might lie awhile
Before I got up to my feet
Soon a kitty cat came and greeted me
From just beyond the glass
I asked what news she had for me
And a shadow then was cast
It came from a rolling thunder cloud
The rains came crashing down
I looked for my friend the kitty cat
But she was nowhere to be found
I thought that I might call you up
But remembered you were out of town
So then instead of getting up
I laid my head back down
Sleep then soon came back to me
And a dream threw me around
I saw that I was now the kitty cat
And my fur was wet with ice
The rains were crashing down
I ran and ran but could not find
A decent place to hide myself
Soon the rain became icy balls of hail
And they pelted against my pelt
The welts they left began to open up
And my blood came spilling out
I stopped and tried to lick it clean
But this did nothing to help
The hail then began to grow in size
Hitting hard against my head
I knew that if this went on for long
Then I was as good as dead
I ran and ran but still I couldn't find
Any shelter for myself
Then a giant ball of ice
Came and crashed against my neck
My throat was crushed and I couldn't breathe
It seemed my life had seen its last
But when my ghost started giving up
I woke to find myself in my bed
With my friend the wet kitty cat
Sleeping soundly on my head
Track Name: On the Sleepy Side of Things
On the sleepy side of things
Things settle down
The lights light up the town
Until they too go down
Except the ones that stay
On all night and day
Even when we are away
It’s as if they mean to say
We’re on the other side of things
Where everything’s awake
The food is hot on plates
And your mind is just a state
Where opposites relate
To bring us night and day
For there is no other way
Just an eternal word to say
I’m on the sleepy side of things